The Concept

Ford have recently aligned their Fiesta model with women's fashion and the creative for this particular piece involved a fashion mermaid, interacting with a Ford Fiesta on the sea floor. To achieve this we'd need to organize an underwater shoot, design the dress, cast a model (who would not only suit the style but also be comfortable modelling underwater) and somehow get the vehicle in the mix.
The Studio

The shoot was a one day affair at The Underwater Studio in Basildon, Essex. On the day we needed to capture the stills of the model swimming down to the vehicle, along with some footage of the same movement for the rich digital formats. A crew of 12 were required on the day to assist Sean including lighting and underwater production experts.
Casting and Styling

Finding a suitable model would be a rigorous task as she would need to be a mix of fashion and glamour and no stranger to water. With the help of Mark Summers Casting and MOT models we chose Jaqueline Freeman. Not only did Jaqueline have the classic beauty required for the role but she is also a scuba and free diving specialist. The dress itself was researched and obtained by stylist Emily Jerman, but even then the colour was not correct, so a new dress in the correct colour tones was made the day before the shoot.
The Shoot

The crew rigged up a car windscreen at the bottom of the tank to act as a place holder for the car which would be added later in post.
Post - The Car

Ford are very comfortable with their vehicles being rendered in cg. Ordinarily this would save photography and transportation costs but in this case it was also the most efficient way of producing the image. By using the existing cad data already prepared in our studios and adding some caustic lighting effects we could create a good representation of the car on the bottom of the sea.
Final Image

A blend of rendered cg, Sean's photography and Photoshop gave us our final image.
Final Ad

Once in the agencies artwork and cropped to size this was the final 48 sheet poster.
Behind the scenes film
Client :
Ford Europe

Agency :
Blue Hive

Photographer / Director :
Sean de Sparengo

Producer :
Scott Clarke

Stylist :
Emily Jerman

Model :
Jaqueline Freeman

CGI Artist :
Chris Veitch

Photoshop :
Rob Lanario

Behind the Scenes :
Cherry Duck